Viral Turtle Jump Scare TikTok Video Terrifies Netizens: “My Soul Left My Body Bro”

Viral Turtle Jump Scare TikTok Video Terrifies Netizens: “My Soul Left My Body Bro”
  • A TikTok video of a turtle has gone viral due to its jump scare effect
  • A man tries to feed a stick to a turtle but unfortunately drops it, and things go wrong when he tries to pick it up
  • Some viewers have been frightened by the video, with comments about heart palpitations and dropped phones
Viral Turtle Jump scare TikTok Video Terrifies Netizens: “My Soul Left My Body Bro”
This is one fast turtle! @ucnobbii25/TikTok
Source: TikTok

Just when you thought you knew all about turtles and how they move. It turns out that the animal can move fast when it needs to. A TikTok post showed this cute little creature turning into on of the predatory beasts of our darkest, most terrifying dreams.

The jump scare TikTok video of a turtle may scare even the bravest person

It would be best to have health insurance before getting caught in a jumpscare prank because, shem, no one is ever ready. Even when you think you’re ready, you are not prepared. If you think you’re a sterring and have no fear in your heart.

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Take a look at the video below:

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The video scared the daylights out of netizens

Maybe the video did not scare you. Congratulations, here is your medal. But some people had a moment where their lives flashed before their eyes, and their souls left their bodies because the jumpscare was that good.

Here is what they had to say:

@Wsg LMAO✋ said:

“Bro, I jumped.”


“My heart just dropped.”

@sleepy added:

“My phone flew.”

Riley✌️ says:

“I broke my back.”

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@user5794990772698 said:

“DON’T TOUCH A SNAKE”….. wait….. it’s who?… oh Irwin…. Nevermind, carry on.”

Source: Briefly News