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News Photo by Shannon Vivero First responders rescue dog from Thunder Bay River off Cow Island.

ALPENA — An ice rescue was successful on Monday afternoon after an Alpena man fell through the ice on the Thunder Bay River just outside his residence in an attempt to save his dog after the dog had fallen through the ice.

Authorities were called to a resident on Cow Island off of Long Rapids Road and ultimately rescued the man and his dog after less than 20 minutes, according to a press release from the Alpena Fire Department.

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The man used a kayak to attempt to rescue his dog and fell through the ice during the rescue attempt. He was later rescued by first responders and was cared for in an ambulance on the scene. He had fallen through the ice about 40 feet offshore.

Alpena Fire Chief Robert Edmonds initially used the kayak to make it to the dog, which had fallen through the ice about 200 feet from shore, according to the press release.

“The dog was looking like he wasn’t going to make it much longer,” Edmonds said. “Once our crew got here with proper equipment and suits, they finished their rescue.”

First responders worked together, as one responder crawled strategically across the unstable ice of the river. Once the responder reached the dog, the responder on shore pulled the rope attached to the responder in the water.

A woman was seen with towels retrieving the dog from Capt. Andy Marceau of the Alpena Fire Department.

The dog was later taken to a local veterinary office for evaluation.

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