Tiger and leopard come face to face, what happens next will shock you. Viral videos

Tiger and leopard come face to face, what happens next will shock you.  Viral videos
Tiger and leopard fight videos
Image Source : TWITTER/@SUSANTANANDA3 Tiger and leopard fight videos

Trending News: A video has surfaced showing a tiger charging at a leopard, but to everyone’s surprise, the two animals do not engage in a fight. The video, which has received 44,000 views, is unusual as tigers are known to prey on leopards for their kill or in defense of their territory.

Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda shared the video on Twitter, calling the behavior “unnatural.” In the footage, the tiger can be seen observing the leopard from a distance as it perches on a tree. The tiger then charges at the leopard, but the two animals do not attack each other. They stare at each other before the tiger walks away.

The video’s caption questions why the two backed off without attacking each other, suggesting peaceful coexistence. The IFS tweeted: “This face off between the tiger & leopard is a bit unnatural. What do you think as to why both backed up without attacking each other. Peaceful coexistence?”

Watch the viral video of tiger and leopard’s unusual encounter without fighting here:

The internet has offered various theories, including the possibility of serious injury, as injured man-eaters are frequently found in the wild. Another user suggested that the leopard’s submissive behavior could have prevented an attack.

“The supremacy was settled, hence by lying on the ground the leopard showed its submission & the encircling tiger accepted it. So, no need to fight & settle who is the winner, the powerful. And, btw big cats do avoid unnecessary fights to minimize collateral damage,” one user wrote. “None of them wants to get hurt. A tiger can easily kill the leopard but he might also sustain injuries in the bargain,” added another user.


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