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“The Real Rodents of Little Rodentia” is the second episode of the Disney+ series Zootopia+.


Newly engaged, Fru Fru kicks off wedding planning with enthusiasm and flourish—at least until her scene-stealing cousin Tru Tru arrives to assume the role of Shrew of Honor. A battle for the spotlight ensues until a close call with a giant donut reveals that for better or worse, no one knows you better than family.


Filmed in the style of a reality show, Fru Fru is hanging out with her friends Christine, Charisma, Brianca, and Mandy and preparing for her upcoming wedding. As she is trying to decide who her maid of honor is going to be, her cousin Trudy, going by Tru Tru, arrives and disrupts everything. It turns out that Fru Fru had promised her to be her maid of honor since they were children, but she has a habit of being very controlling. Fru Fru’s friends sneak her away to go shopping for a wedding dress. She picks one she likes, but her friends reveal in the talking head segment that they hate it, even though they don’t tell her this.

Tru Tru arrives and is about to reveal the dress she got, but Fru Fru angrily tells her that she destroyed everything and they get into a fight with one another, resulting in Tru Tru storming off. Fru Fru continues to go shopping when she is nearly crushed by a large donut, only to be saved by Judy Hopps. This puts her life in perspective and she goes and makes up with Tru Tru who reveals that the wedding dress she got for her was the one that belonged to her mother on her wedding night. The girls reveal that they have one more change: having the bouquet be made of night howlers. On the night of the wedding, Fru Fru throws the bouquet to the girls and inadvertently sends them into a savage rage.


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  • The title is a play on The Real Housewives series.
  • Mr. Big makes a cameo in this episode.
  • Two of the cast members are from the Real Housewives franchise: Crystal Kung Minkoff (wife of The Lion King co-director Rob Minkoff, Beverly Hills) and Porsha Williams (Atlanta).
    • At the end of the episode, Charisma, who is voiced by Minkoff, can be heard saying “just like the circle of life”.
  • The model for the shop where Fru Fru and her friends tried to buy her a dress that was reused from the Princess Room Ralph Breaks the Internet.



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