Run Rabbit Run: Is the Rabbit Real or CGI?

Run Rabbit Run: Is the Rabbit Real or CGI?

Netflix’s ‘Run Rabbit’ Run’ is a horror thriller film directed by Daina Reid and written by Hannah Kent. Set in the South Australian countryside, it stars Sarah Snook (‘Succession’) as Sarah, an experienced fertility doctor whose life takes a drastic turn when her 7-year-old daughter, Mia, claims to have memories of another life. Mia’s claims unravel Sarah’s past, leading to a creepy exploration of motherhood and resulting anxiety. In the movie, Mia has a pet rabbit which marks the start of her strange behavior amidst some truly unsettling scenes. If you are wondering whether the rabbit in ‘Run Rabbit’ Run’ is real or fictional, here is everything you need to know!

Is the Rabbit Real or CGI?

‘Run Rabbit Run’ tells the story of Sarah, a single mother living with her daughter, Mia. On Mia’s seventh birthday, she starts depicting strange behavior, which quickly turns into a pattern. Mia claims that she is Alice, Sarah’s long-lost sister, and demands to see Sarah’s mother, Joan. Mia’s behavior is especially triggered when she finds a stray rabbit on her house porch on the eve of her seventh birthday. The rabbit is present throughout the movie and is used as a symbol of victimhood since most Carnivores consider rabbits good prey. The same feeling is true for Sarah, a single mother dealing with various issues, especially the unresolved guilt over her past. The rabbit is also referenced in the movie’s title and through the mask Mia wears.

The rabbit appearing in the film is part of several interesting scenes, including one where we see it bite Sarah. Such scenes would be difficult to film with a real rabbit, considering the animals are not known to appreciate human presence. As a result, viewers might assume that the rabbit in the movie is a CGI creation. However, that is not the case, as the film’s production team used a real rabbit while filming the key sequences. When trained properly, rabbits can be extremely docile and domestic. Hence, it seems like the film’s crew did not have any troubles while working with a real rabbit on the sets.

According to the film’s credits, Animal Actors, a talent company that provides well-trained animal actors and extra for film production in Australia, was responsible for handling the rabbit and ensuring its wellbeing during the film’s shooting. Christine Powell-Ross and Sally Wilson are credited as the animal handlers for the project and helped the crew extract the necessary performance from the well-trained rabbit. However, the company has not provided detailed information or the name of the rabbit actor (or actors) appearing in the film. Nonetheless, the movie makes the use of the animal interesting by presenting it as a pet for Mia. However, the rabbit foreshadows the dark truth associated with Sarah’s past and provides for some tense moments in the already heightened sense of anxiety the film tries to capture.

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