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NASA makes use of robotic methods to discover other planets and objects in our solar system as precursors to crewed missions, help astronauts on the International Space Station, research the universe, and far more. This also consists of autonomous methods that allow robotics, spacecraft and aircraft Technology News to function in a dynamic environment unbiased of exterior control. Advanced manufacturing applied sciences for both terrestrial and in-space functions will make commercial and exploration missions extra efficient and affordable.

  • Molecular farming company Moolec has inserted pig genes into soy beans to generate meaty-tasting proteins that can be grown in vegetation.
  • There’s also the risk of AI being weaponized to spread local weather disinformation.
  • Less Sea Ice Means More Arctic Trees—Which Means TroubleWhite spruce are spreading in the high north, due to additional snow.
  • A new drug from Pfizer supplies effective and broad protection in opposition to the covid-19 virus, together with the newest variants.
  • The lawsuit could hold far reaching implications for Microsoft’s use of GPT-4 and different upcoming models in its products.
  • Ukraine’s armed forces rely on a human chain of fundraisers, keyboard warriors, and drivers to produce every thing from drones to combat drugs.