Monkey mourns the death of woman who fed her in Odisha- The New Indian Express

By Express News Service

JAGATSINGHPUR: If the love and understanding between humans and their animal friends have been unique, their separation has been equally painful. Like the incident on Saturday when a monkey kept mourning the death of a woman near her body for hours.

Sources said, Manju Das, a 47-year-old woman in Nuagaon village within Abhyachandpur police complained of limited chest pain and was rushed to Balitutha primary health center by her family. Unfortunately, the doctors declared her brought dead. Manju’s body was brought back to the village. While arrangements were being made by her son to cremate her, the monkey came down from a tree and sat near the body for four hours, as if mourning Manju’s death with her family.

A local, Arun Kumar Parida said the monkey kept sobbing while holding Manju’s lifeless body. Some women patted the monkey’s head to console it. Locals said Manju used to feed monkeys that visited her house daily. Probably, this monkey knew that the bond was broken, they said. Manju used to feed other animals too even though she had a modest means of livelihood. Sarpanch of Nuagaon panchayat Suchitra Mantry said some relationships are special and cannot be described in words.