Feathered Friends: ‘Scavenging’ for birds | Lifestyles

Feathered Friends: ‘Scavenging’ for birds |  Lifestyles

It’s a cozy morning here in the house as I awake to a very frosty and icy late February morning – further convincing me that February and March got mixed up on our weather calendar.

I took a quick walk outside to get the bird feeders filled and operating after that a heavy layer of ice coated them. The birds will be very happy for the bird feed today with most of their natural food supply encrusted by ice and little chance that we will see above freezing temps for a while. While I enjoy being home and retired, I appreciate the many who are out and about doing their work to keep the roads safe, those in public safety and health care, and so many other people who are providing for us in various other ways. thank you!

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