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Dangerous rabbit terrorizes neighborhood

Dangerous rabbit terrorizes neighborhood

PERRY, Iowa (KCCI) – People often think of bunnies as cute little creatures featured in Easter celebrations and county fairs.

But what if one jumped up and bit you? Such an animal has been terrorizing a community outside Des Moines, Iowa.

People living in Perry say a cute black bunny patrolling their neighborhood has been far from friendly.

One person captured on camera the animal aggressively lunging at them.

It did more to Ramona Rustan.

“It jumps up and bites me,” Rustan said. “I am like, ‘Oh, my gosh. I just got bit by a bunny.’”

She said the bad rabbit then hopped next door to her neighbor’s house.

“It came around to her car and wouldn’t let her out of her car,” Rustan said. “When she did get out of her car, it chased her up to her door.”

Rustan called the police.

A call report by the police shows a 13-year-old across the alley from Rustan also was bitten by the same rabbit.

“The Perry Police Department said it’s been a rabbit that has been terrorizing people around,” Rustan said.

The call report indicates the 13-year-old will be getting rabies shots.

A precaution Rustan, who says she is a nurse, has no interest in pursuing.

“No, I’m not worried about rabies because, when it bit me, you know, I didn’t see it frothing in the mouth or anything like that,” she said.

Late Friday morning, the police caught the rabbit and took it to the city’s wastewater treatment plant, where it was released. It has not been seen in the neighborhood since.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, wash the wound and seek medical care if an unfamiliar animal bites you.

It says a health care provider can determine if you need rabies shots.

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