Bunny’s Curiosity Over Human Baby Has All the Makings of a Perfect Friendship

Bunny’s Curiosity Over Human Baby Has All the Makings of a Perfect Friendship

They’ll be BFFs in no time.

There’s something about the joyful innocence of a baby that not even animals can resist. And we don’t blame them one bit! From their tiny size to heartwarming sounds-what’s not to love about babies?

The latest furry friend to fall under a little one’s spell is @beccadaw93’s mini lop rabbit, Lola. As Becca’s baby relaxes nearby, the bunny just can’t help but investigate!

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How cute are these two? The baby seems more than happy to see a new fuzzy friend, and Lola the rabbit is having a great time exploring. We can only imagine how over-the-moon their Mom must be!

“I love how much babies seem to love animals,” wrote commenter @georgiia30. It’s the sweetest thing! These two seem like no exception, either. We can tell that they’re going to be fast friends! They’re already getting up close and personal as the bunny snuggles in next to her bestie.

@Demona_cabbit noticed how the “bunny accidentally bopped baby in the face. Baby seemed to like it though! Bunnies are very soft.” Oops! She totally did bump the baby with her big fluffy bum. No harm done, though!

This precious video also inspired some questions from commenters like @wallyjosiebun. They asked, “How are they with the baby? Mine is very clumsy and I’m slightly worried how they will be with my baby.” That’s a fair concern! Hopefully, Becca’s response will ease your worries.

“They are great,” she wrote. “Super affectionate with the baby. However, we never leave them unsupervised just in case. Plus they make great entertainment for him.” It sounds like a win-win situation if you ask us!

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