Abandoned Dog ‘King’ Back With Owner After Touching Reunion

MONEE, IL — A ‘good boy’ King is back with his owner, after a heartwarming reunion for the two at a humane society on Monday.

South Suburban Humane Society shared on Monday that the two have been reunited, with some help from their friends.

“We have some amazing news,” the humane society wrote on social media. “King and his mom are reunited! She was able to find some temporary living arrangements where she could bring him and we were overjoyed to reunite them today!”

“She knows that we are here for a lifetime of support. Thank you all so much for being a part of this journey with us!”

An online fundraiser has started to reunite the two, whose story of separation broke hearts everywhere.

The dog known as “King” who was left at a Burger King in Money with a paper-clipped note to his collar, was never meant to be left there, his owner told the South Suburban Humane Society. She had moved in with family following a medical event, and a family member left King without her knowledge.

Just a day after he was found, relinquished to Monee police and ultimately turned over to the humane society, King’s owner appeared, with his favorite toys and treats, and tears in her eyes. She wanted so badly to keep the dog she loves, she told the staff.

“She wants to try and find a new place to live to keep her extremely well taken care of the dog that she deeply loves,” the staff wrote on social media.

A friend of the owner started a GoFundMe on the pair’s behalf, to help get King back with his beloved owner.

“My name is King,” the organizer wrote on the GoFundMe. “By now a lot of you have seen my stories on the news or social media outlets. I need some help to get reunited with my parents.”

King’s owner was injured at work, and has been rendered unable to work at this time due to post concussion syndrome, the campaign details.

“This syndrome makes them sensitive to light and sound, dizzy upon standing or bending, daily migraines and anxiety,” the fundraiser reads. “We were forced to move in with our family because of money issues and unfortunately now we’re separated.”

A staff member at the shelter initially agreed to foster King for a month at their home, “so we can hopefully make a reunion happen,” the staff wrote on social media last week, but their reunion happily happened sooner than planned.

“I miss my parents a lot!” the organizer wrote on King’s behalf. “And they need me for emotional support! And as you can see I was very well taken care of. Please help us if you can. I miss their snuggles and belly rubs!”

King’s owner is seeking medical treatment that will ideally enable them to return to work. A goal of $3,000 has been set on the GoFundMe.

“Anything helps and we would be furever grateful for your kindness,” the organizer wrote.